Trespass Creek

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Length: 1.0 miles
Priority Date: 08/25/1997
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How to get there - This small stream is difficult to reach whether by vehicle or hiking. Take state highway 232 east from Cokeville and continue about 12 miles to where the pavement ends. At this point the road forks, but stay to the left and continue another 10 miles on this gradually deteriorating gravel road that’s usually passable by most vehicles when it’s dry, but not a good place to drive during or after a rainstorm. You’ll see Hobble Creek canyon coming in on the right (east), after about 10 miles but keep on the main road another 5 miles (about 15 miles total from the end of the pavement. As the road bends slightly left you'll see a 2-track road branching off to the right (east) and going straight up the hill. You'll definitely need a 4-wheel drive rig to get up the hill. At the top, the trail goes to the right about a mile along the ridge before dropping down another steep grade to the Smiths Fork. Trespass creek comes in from the east side of Smiths Fork and you may wish to walk down from the ridge to reach the stream. Trespass Creek is primarily a spawining stream with few fish larger than 6 inches, so be sure to fish the Smiths Fork proper if you want more traditional action.
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