XStream Angler Instream Flow / Pine Creek Secondary #1

Pine Creek Secondary #1

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Length: 8.18 miles
Priority Date: 09/15/1931
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*Angling regulations may have changed since X-Stream Angler Articles were written. Please check current Fishing Regulations for current fishing limits.

About the segment -

Rationale -

Fishery - Since filing for and securing instream flow water rights beginning in 2001, year round flow and fish numbers have improved markedly in Pine Creek and the New Fork. Over 3,700 brown trout and even higher numbers of rainbow trout have been counted per mile of stream. The local Trout Unlimited chapter has helped to increase numbers even more by restoring fish passage past irrigation diversions on the stream.
This entire stream is covered by Area 4 fishing regulations. There is a limit of three trout per day or in possession, only one trout can exceed 16 inches, and no more than one cutthroat trout may exceed 12 inches. There are no special restrictions on the kind of tackle or bait that can be used here other than as provided by general statewide regulations.

How to get there - The best public access to this stream is found right in the town of Pinedale. The stream flows under State Highway 191 just north of the business district in town. The city parks located immediately upstream and a short distance downstream from the bridge offer good opportunities to fish or just enjoy foot paths along this scenic stream and relaxing riparian environment.
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