XStream Angler Instream Flow / Jakeys Fork (at Dubois Hatchery)

Jakeys Fork (at Dubois Hatchery)

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Length: 2.29 miles
Priority Date: 04/19/1949
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*Angling regulations may have changed since X-Stream Angler Articles were written. Please check current Fishing Regulations for current fishing limits.

About the segment -

Rationale - This instream flow right is based entirely on the limit allowed per the water right that was formerly dedicated to the hatchery. A biologically appropriate flow regime has not been identified but would probably be somewhat higher than 3.0 cfs throughout the year as a function of the habitat needs of the different species and life stages of trout. Regardless, this instream flow right provides a good base of habitat protection while serving the dual purpose of maintaining the commission's ownership of the water right as well as the right's original priority date and standing. If and when it becomes possible and desirable to return this amount of water to its original purpose of rearing fish in the hatchery, the commission should be able to do so with minimal effort under established rules and policies of Wyoming water law.

Fishery - The Jakeys Fork harbors good numbers of rainbow and brown trout as well as a few brook trout through most of the year. In early spring, there's a pretty good run of rainbow trout that move into the stream from the Wind River to spawn. There's another good pulse of browns that enter the stream in late September and October to spawn. Throughout most of the year, the majority of resident fish range from 8 to 15 inches or so. But during the spring and fall spawning runs your chances of encountering significantly bigger fish increase markedly. Basic mayfly and caddis patterns in addition to various attractors and hopper patterns work well here, especially from late July until the first snows fall. This entire stream is covered by Area 2 regulations but is subject to a few exceptions. There is a limit of three trout per day or in possession, only two may be cutthroat trout, and only one trout can exceed 16 inches. Statewide brook trout regulations also apply. There are no special restrictions on the kind of tackle or bait that can be used here other than as provided by general statewide regulations.

How to get there - From Dubois, drive about three miles east on Highway 26/287. Immediately after the highway crosses the Jakeys Fork a sign directs you to the public fishing area (PFA). This turnoff is about 200 yards west of the turnoff to the Dubois hatchery. Signs in the PFA parking lot show where you can fish without asking permission.
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