Currant Creek

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Length: 9.0 miles
Priority Date: 06/08/2000
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*Angling regulations may have changed since X-Stream Angler Articles were written. Please check current Fishing Regulations for current fishing limits.

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How to get there - Take highway 191 south from Rock Springs about 19 miles to the Upper Sage Creek Road (county road 34). This road comes in from the West (right). Go a little over 2 miles to the first fork and take a left along Trout Creek, generally traveling south. In about 6 miles, you'll encounter another 2-track road leading west to a ridge with a power line running along it. Once you reach the power line road, follow it about 4 miles back north to a dip in the ridge (the saddles). You'll see a very scary road branching off to the West and leading down to Currant Creek. It's probably best to get out and walk down to the stream from here. The trail will deliver you to a point near the downstream end of the 9 mile-long segment. The stream enters private land a short distance further downstream and public access is not allowed there.
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