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A. Daily licenses do not require a conservation stamps. However, the pheasant management permit or stamp is required for all bird license holders, including youth and pioneers, who hunt pheasants on G&F habitat areas and most walk-in areas. The Upland Game Bird Regulations explains exactly where the stamp is required.
A. Yes and no. It all depends on where you are hunting. Nontoxic shot is required when hunting small game and upland game on the G&F's Springer and Table Mountain wildlife areas which are located in Goshen County. If you are hunting pheasants on other G&F wildlife units or on private lands, nontoxic shot is not required. Keep in mind however, that if you plan to include waterfowl in your bag, you can not have lead shot in your possession. For this reason, many hunters have opted to use nontoxic shot for all their hunting where there is opportunity for an upland/waterfowl mixed bag.
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