"Ian, I hear the Game and Fish facilitates water developments for wildlife – how many acres and what types of work are completed in a year?"

Riparian and wetland habitats comprise less than 2 percent of the land area in the state, yet provide habitat for about 90 percent of the wildlife species found in Wyoming. This is why we place a high priority on development, restoration and protection of them. Game and Fish works with federal and state agencies, non-profit conservation groups and private landowners to develop water sources for wildlife. Water development comes in many different forms including wetlands, stock reservoirs, guzzlers, spring developments and drilled wells with solar pumps to name a few.These water developments are important for many species of wildlife.

In 2017, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department worked with a number of partners to complete wetland development and restoration activities on 1,967 acres throughout the state and developed five different springs and four water catchment guzzlers, with more projects planned for the future.
Oftentimes water sources are  more readily available in mountainous terrain. However, the importance of water cannot be overstated in Wyoming’s sagebrush, mixed shrub and grassland habitats. Wildlife species living in these habitat types rely upon water developments created solely for wildlife or those designed for livestock and wildlife.

You can read more about riparian and wetland work in our annual Strategic Habitat Plan Annual Report.

Ian Tator
Statewide Terrestrial Habitat Manager

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