"Steve, Game and Fish cares a lot about marshes and other wetlands. How do those help benefit uses other than wildlife in Wyoming?"

Wetlands, like marshes, bogs, and wet meadows, provide many obvious and not so obvious benefits for  uses other than wildlife. This includes benefits for those in farming and ranching. Here are a few of the top ways wetlands help:

  • Wetlands protect property from downstream flooding and erosion by slowing and spreading runoff from storm events and snow melt.
  • Wetlands filter nutrients, sediment and chemicals through a natural filtration system.
  • Many wetlands recharge the groundwater table, which helps keep nearby wells supplied and streams flowing during dry summer months.
  • Wetlands can be watering sites for livestock and enhanced forage production for haying and grazing. Livestock often utilize shade from trees that grow adjacent to wetlands and in riparian habitats.
  • Wetlands benefit agricultural producers economically through money saved on farming operations, government compensation assistance programs and hunting leases.
  • A healthy wetland base will keep additional wildlife species from being listed under the Endangered Species Act which is important since more than a third of threatened or endangered species are wetland-dependent. This helps all land users and the economy of Wyoming.
Wetlands and the wildlife they support are important facets of our rural heritage and valued by many millions of Americans. Game and Fish works closely with landowners to reap the mutual benefits for agriculture, wildlife, and people who appreciate wetlands. Learn more about Game and Fish’s wetland work on our website.

Steve Tessmann
Staff Biologist

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