"Brian, why does the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission own and manage lands?"

Thanks for asking. The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission owns and manages lands for many purposes. The Commission’s land acquisition program works to conserve our natural areas and wildlife habitat in Wyoming for future generations. The lands program has direct and indirect benefits for wildlife, sportspeople, farmers and ranchers. The main purposes include:

Wildlife habitat. Wildlife Habitat Management Areas (WHMAs) are lands acquired over decades to provide wintering wildlife with the habitat they need while reducing wildlife’s impact on private lands used for livestock production, both critical components of winter survival while minimizing damage conflict. Game and Fish manages WHMAs to protect natural watersheds and enhance native rangeland through efficiently irrigating and cutting hay meadows, fencing, rotational livestock grazing, and human presence seasonal closures.  

Public access. The Commission leases and owns lands at popular fishing waters for public fishing and boating access, known as Public Access Areas (PAAs), to allow the public to access water. The public can also access WHMAs for hunting, fishing, and wildlife enjoyment.

Facilities. Facilities for the betterment of wildlife are located throughout the state. These include a  research facility to further wildlife health research, bird farms for raising pheasants, fish hatcheries and rearing stations, which keep waters near you stocked with catchable fish. These also include office buildings such as regional offices and the Cheyenne headquarters.

Brian Rognon
Lands Branch

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