Shed antler and horn hunting is a great outdoor family activity, and it has gained so much popularity that disturbance of wintering big game is a concern, especially in western Wyoming.

To protect wintering big game, a Wyoming Game and Fish Commission regulation prohibits anyone from collecting shed antlers or horns on public land (Forest Service and BLM lands) and Game and Fish Commission owned or administered lands west of the Continental Divide, excluding the Great Divide Basin, from January 1 through April 30 of each year.

The State Land Board also prohibits antler collection on Wyoming state lands from January 1 through April 30, west of the Continental Divide, excluding the Great Divide Basin. It is also illegal to collect antlers or horns statewide on private property without permission of the owner or person in charge of the property at any time of the year.

There is also a Wyoming law that requires anyone who finds a dead antlered or horned big game animal with the antlers or horns naturally attached to the skull or skull plate, including hunting cripple losses, road kills, and natural mortalities, to make arrangements to procure an Interstate Game Tag (IGT) from Game and Fish. The IGT needs to procured before moving any antlers or horns from the location where they were found.

Be sure and contact a game warden or Game and Fish regional office for additional specifics and information regarding antler and horn hunting or IGT requirements.


Neil Hymas
Cokeville Game Warden


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