"Wendy, how can I report sightings of amphibians and reptiles in Wyoming?"

We have at least 41 species of amphibians and reptiles in Wyoming. Many are considered Species of Greatest Conservation Need simply because we lack basic information about their distribution and abundance in Wyoming. Many people don't think to report when they see amphibians and reptiles, but they should! Amphibians and reptiles are often hard to detect with standard survey techniques. That means, ANY observation of an amphibian or reptile is very much appreciated and improves our knowledge of the species in our state.  Here’s how to report:

  • Take notes on the day, time and approximate location of the species as well as any information about the animal's behavior or the habitat in which it was found.
  • Take photos, especially photos of the amphibians’ backs. Biologists rely on skin patterns and coloration for identification. If it is a toad, take a clear photo looking straight down at the animal. This will show the toad’s cranial crest, brow ridges and wart patterns.

Submit reptile or amphibian observations by email to or online in the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database. People can also record observations in the little blue Amphibian and Reptile Observations booklets available at Game and Fish regional offices. For resources on species identification and observations, visit the Rocky Mountain Amphibian Project.

Learn more about how to report amphibians and reptiles in the August 2018 issue of Wyoming Wildlife Magazine.

Wendy Estes-Zumpf, PhD
Herpetological coordinator

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