"Troy, how can landowners get involved with Access Yes and support hunting and fishing?"

Landowners can partner with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Access Yes program to create more spaces for hunting and fishing in Wyoming. Landowners can enroll in one or more of the four programs that make up Access Yes: Walk-in-Hunting, Walk-in-Fishing, Hunter Management and Hunter/Landowner Assistance by contacting their local game warden, biologist, the closest regional office or any of the five regional access coordinators. Hunting access areas are enrolled in the spring and fishing areas in the fall.  It’s easy to enroll, and your partnership is appreciated by hunters, anglers, and the Game and Fish.

Access Yes benefits for landowners include:

  • Decreased time spent taking hunter/angler calls and questions.
  • Liability protection under the Recreational Safety Act. Enrolled landowners are immune from normal liability.
  • Adaptable programs can be molded to fit the landowner’s needs.
  • Annual payment to landowners for allowing access.
  • Increased Game and Fish presence to help ensure compliance.
  • Property is posted with regulatory signs provided by Game and Fish.
  • Regulations on enrolled properties are enforceable by game wardens and other law enforcement officers.
  • Property is accessed by foot only unless the landowner designates otherwise.
Please contact any of the regional access coordinators or visit the Access Yes website with questions about the Access Yes programs.

Troy Tobiasson
Sheridan Regional Access Yes Coordinator

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