It’s great you’re out fishing this spring. If you think you caught a state record, you can check the current holders on the Game and Fish State Record Fish webpage or call one of our regional offices. If you caught a Wyoming record fish, you’ll need to complete the Record Fish Application and submit it to our Cheyenne Headquarters office.  

Here are some guidelines for submitting the application:

  • The fish must be weighed on a scale certified for legal trade. Scales in post offices or places of commerce are usually all certified. The scale in your tackle box is not. The weighing must be witnessed by two persons other than the applicant.
  • Fish must be caught on rod, reel and line or pole and line and hooked (no snagging) with any legal hook or lure.
  • Fish caught from private club or fish hatchery waters, or private ponds not accessible for angling to the public are ineligible.
  • The species must be verified by the Game and Fish Department. The identity of most fish is usually obvious, but there are certain species such as lake trout, splake, brook trout, walleye, sauger and some of the sunfish species that could easily be mistaken.
  • Fish must be taken legally in compliance with all Wyoming Game and Fish Department Regulations.
Once your application is verified, you’ll receive a certificate signed by the Chief of Fisheries and you’ll go into the record books.

Tina Walker
Administrative Assistant, Fish Division


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