"Shawonda & Tia, can residents and nonresidents apply for big game licenses together in a party in the initial draw?"

Residents and nonresidents cannot apply together as a party because of regulations and state laws that determine how we conduct our draws. A party application, by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission regulation is defined as “a group of applications in which all applicants with the same residency status specify the same species, hunt area, and type in the same order of preference and all applicants expect the same processing and draw results.” What that means is a party application needs to be identical in all ways. Hunters in a party must apply with the same residency status, hunt area, and license types, and the first, second and third choices all must be the same. Nonresident parties must also all apply for either the regular or special draw.

The maximum party size is 6, and all party member’s points are averaged together to four decimal places. A party application does not give you any advantage in the drawing because the all applications in the party are assigned the same random number. All applications in the party participate in the draw with the same random number, so therefore if the random number is drawn all the applications receive a license.

Game and Fish is always available to help with application questions, so call one of our regional offices or the sportsperson hotline at (307) 777-4600.


Shawonda Fontaine and Tia Groenewold
Lander Region Office Managers

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