To start, when you buy a hunting or fishing license and a conservation stamp you are already helping. The money from those goes to help wildlife, and Game and Fish invests a lot of money into wetlands every year. Additionally, whether hunting, fishing or hiking, always pack out any trash you may have and bring along a small bag to pick up trash others may have left. For duck hunters it is especially important to pick up empty shotgun shells after a hunt!

Another good idea is to buy a Migratory Waterfowl Hunting and Conservation Stamp (duck stamp) even if you don’t hunt ducks. The duck stamp is one of the most efficient conservation programs in the country. Ninety-eight cents of every dollar spent to purchase a stamp goes toward acquiring habitat or easements to protect wetlands. Since the duck stamp program was started in 1934 over $800 million dollars has been raised conserving more than 5.7 million acres of habitat. In Wyoming nearly 8,000 acres has been conserved through the use of duck stamp dollars.

Also, educating yourself about wetlands is important. The more you know about the value of wetlands, the more you will be inspired to protect them! Wetlands have numerous functions. The most obvious is the habitat they provide for fish and wildlife. Wetlands also help to improve water quality, protect against flooding, and provide erosion control, and separate carbon from the atmosphere to name a few.

Wetlands are crucial habitats in Wyoming and every little thing we can do to protect and conserve them is important.

Nate Huck
Migratory Game Bird Biologist


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