Congratulations on a successful hunt! Big game carcasses can be left in the field at the site of the kill, assuming that all edible portions of meat and any required parts (evidence of sex and/or, species and antlers/horns) are taken by the hunter. If you intend on removing the entire animal from the field for processing,  you are required to make sure the remaining carcass is disposed of in an approved Wyoming landfill.

The reason Game and Fish has rules about the transportation and disposal of harvested deer, elk or moose carcasses is to reduce the spread of chronic wasting disease. Carcasses can be transported within Wyoming if they are being taken to a camp, private residence, taxidermist, processor or CWD collection site. However, the head and all portions of spinal column must be disposed of in an approved Wyoming landfill. For our non-resident hunters, there are also strict regulations regarding what parts of a deer, elk or moose carcass can/cannot be transported out of Wyoming. For more information on disposal and transportation of carcasses, see our hunting regulations.

Please remember that carcasses should not be dumped on private or public land, along roadways or in neighborhoods or towns. Not only is this littering and in violation of Wyoming law, but it is unsightly. Hunters should consider the impacts of dumped carcasses on non-hunters and the general public. Remember that while many residents and nonresidents hunt in Wyoming and  while alot of folks support hunting, seeing littered carcasses can negatively impact that opinion.


Kristen DaVanon
North Gillette Game Warden


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