"Kim, my hunting partner told me we have to stop at a check station even if we did not have any luck harvesting game. Do hunters really need to stop at check stations even if they are empty handed?"

Yes, that is true. Every hunter entering or leaving areas for which a check station is established shall stop and report at the check station if it is on their route to and from the hunting area, even if they have not harvested an animal. These stops are usually very quick and you could be issued a citation for not stopping.

Hunters can often times obtain considerable information from our wardens and biologists who are working the check station. And likewise, you never know what good information you may have to share with us about something you saw or found.

It is important for Wyoming Game and Fish wildlife managers to gather information on species, age, sex and antler/horn development measurements and other biological information from your harvest for use in future hunting season setting development. We also may collect disease samples and sometimes conduct surveys regarding future wildlife management decisions. Anglers and trappers of furbearing animals also need to remember this applies to them as well as they travel to and from their fishing or trapping areas. Wildlife managers also use information about unsuccessful hunting trips.

More information on the specific requirements regarding check stations can be found on the Game and Fish website or hunting regulation brochures. We hope you can show us your harvest when you come through our check stations this fall!

Kim Olson
Baggs Game Warden

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