"Jim, can I legally remove the head with antlers or horns attached from road kill or animals found dead in the field?"

This is a question we get asked quite frequently. The head or skull with antlers and horns attached of a big game animal cannot be removed from road kills or animals found dead in the field without prior approval from a Wyoming Game and Fish Department law enforcement officer.  However, individuals who pick up and transport antlers or horns attached to a head or skull plate of a big game animal from the backcountry may do so, but must contact a Game and Fish enforcement officer at their earliest opportunity (i.e. available cell phone service or access to a public phone)  to get approval to transport such items.

If approval is granted, the purchase of a Wyoming Interstate Game Tag is required for any antlers or horns attached to a head or skull plate of a big game animal.  Wardens may require substantial proof that the big game animal died of natural causes or was killed by a vehicle collision, and if in question or there are other circumstances, possession of horns or antlers may not be granted.  As with any Game and Fish law, you can get additional clarification, information or questions answered by contacting your local game warden or Game and Fish office.

Jim Seeman
Buffalo Game Warden

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