"Ed, I noticed a Game and Fish stocking truck with a school of kokanee salmon on the tank.  Can you tell me what waters kokanee are stocked into each year?"

Kokanee salmon, a fish species growing in popularity for anglers, are stocked all across the Wyoming. Flaming Gorge Reservoir receives the most kokanee, and is set to be the home for over 1 million kokanee this year.   

The other waters that are scheduled to be stocked with kokanee in 2017 include:
  • Alcova Reservoir
  • Boulder Lake
  • Fremont Lake
  • Fontenelle Reservoir
  • High Savery Reservoir
  • Lake Hattie
  • Lower Green River Lake
  • New Fork Lake
  • Rob Roy Reservoir
  • Louis Lake
The Game and Fish statewide spawning crew collects kokanee eggs from wild spawning sites at New Fork Lake and Sheep Creek in the fall. At times if the number of eggs we collect are less than the number we want to stock, we receive kokanee eggs in trade from the Colorado Division of Wildlife.  A total of just over 1,900,000 kokanee fingerlings, averaging between 2 inches to 4 inches in length. are scheduled to be stocked from seven Wyoming hatcheries this year. Auburn Fish Hatchery incubates the eggs and raises about 650,000 kokanee fingerlings to approximately 3 inches long and stocks them the following spring. Stop in to the Auburn Hatchery and see us and our kokanee soon.

Ed Berry
Auburn Fish Hatchery Superintendent

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