There are many different types of state land; some are state parks, others are managed by the Wyoming Military Department and Game and Fish manages some land as well, but the vast majority is considered State Trust Land or more commonly known as state land. These state lands are held in trust and managed by the State Board of Land Commissioners (Board) and the Office of State Lands and Investments (OSLI) to produce income to support public schools and other State institutions. State lands are designated in blue on Bureau of Land Management land status maps.

The State Board of Land Commissioners extends the privilege of hunting and fishing on legally accessible State Trust Lands to the public, unless otherwise closed by direction of the Board. The regulations controlling public use of state lands are simple:

  • First, the lands must be legally accessible. Anyone crossing private land to reach state land must have the permission of the private landowner. Many of Wyoming’s state land parcels are intermingled with, surrounded by, or fenced in with private land and are indistinguishable from private land. The responsibility of knowing whether you are on private or state land is YOURS. The private landowner has no obligation to grant such permission.

  • Second, off-road vehicle use, overnight camping, and open fires are prohibited on state lands. All motorized vehicles must remain on established roads, and there can be complete road closures for vehicles. Activities that would damage state lands, roads, improvements, or lessee property interests are prohibited.

  • Finally, cultivated croplands are not open to hunting.

Please adhere to the rules and exercise common sense, courtesy, and consideration for others, and you will do your part to help protect Wyoming’s state lands and keep them open for future public hunting and fishing. For more information on hunting, fishing or trapping  on state lands  go to

Dustin Kirsch
South Gillette Game Warden


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