"Brandon, I heard the Game and Fish, Fish Health program has a Tier I designation from American Fisheries Society. What does that mean?"

Yes, we do. We are one of only six labs in the US who have that designation. To receive Tier I designation, a laboratory must have a facility, personnel, standardized procedures and a quality assurance program in place to make sure the testing performed meets the role the laboratory plays in fish health. The department’s Fish Health program is one of the few with the capability of performing all of our state’s fish health testing requirements in house. This allows us to better meet the needs of our fish culture section and it also allows us to have a shorter turn around time on testing.

The Fish Health Section of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) recognized the need for laboratories to meet certain standards in order to offer quality services. A few of our close peers and neighbors created a committee to oversee the development of a program to help laboratories meet these standards. The program was started in 2016, with the Tier I designation. AFS continues to work on additional requirements for a Tier II program which Game and Fish’s Fish Health program will strive to fulfill as well.

We are very proud of the work our lab can do, and want ensure we remain reliable and accurate as we move forward.  We welcome the public to come visit us at our new Laramie location this spring.


Brandon Taro
Fish Health Program Coordinator

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