With recent changes to the upland game bird regulations, many hunters we see at check stations are not aware of what Game and Fish now requires for evidence of sex and species of harvested upland game birds. For upland game birds such as sage grouse, blue grouse, ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, chukar, gray partridge and pheasants the regulations state that:

  • Evidence of sex and species shall remain naturally attached to the carcass of any upland game bird in the field and during transportation.
  • For pheasant, this shall include the feathered head, feathered wing or foot.
  • For all other upland game bird species, this shall include one fully feathered wing.
Game and Fish has these requirements to help manage upland game birds. Upland game bird hunters might harvest several species in a day or outing, and without the evidence of species attached, it can be hard to determine which species the birds are. Knowing the hunter is within  the legal bag limit for the harvested bird species is also important.

Sage grouse hunters in particular can help with management by depositing the other wing in a wing barrel found along roads leading to many popular sage grouse hunting spots. We use the wings to determine age and gender of sage grouse, ultimately gaining valuable information about this year's chick survival and anticipated population trends.

Thanks for being aware of this requirement when in the field and during transportation of your harvested upland game birds, and happy hunting.

Brady Frude
Lander Game Warden


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