Good question. The answer is, only on specific waters can you use more than two lines while ice fishing. Several waters in Wyoming are included under the Special Winter Ice Fishing Provision, which allows for use of up to six lines by each angler while fishing through the ice. For a list of waters included under the Special Winter Ice Fishing Provision see pages 7 and 8 of the 2017 Wyoming Fishing Regulations or the list below. Keep in mind that when using more than two lines the angler’s name must be attached to each line, pole or tip-up; the angler must be within 300 yards of all lines; and angler must check their own lines. Also, remember all other fishing regulations such as creel and possession limits and bait restrictions still apply when ice fishing so be sure to check the statewide regulations and exceptions to statewide regulations for the specific water you will be fishing before heading out. Stay safe and good luck on the ice this winter.

The following waters are included under the Special Winter Ice Fishing Provision:

  • Alcova Reservoir in Natrona County.
  • Big Horn Lake in Big Horn County.
  • Big Sandy Reservoir in Sweetwater County.
  • Boulder Lake in Sublette County.
  • Boysen Reservoir in Fremont County.
  • Deaver Reservoir in Park County.
  • Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Sweetwater County.
  • Fontenelle Reservoir in Lincoln County.
  • Glendo Reservoir in Platte County.
  • Goldeneye Reservoir in Natrona County.
  • Gray Reef Reservoir in Natrona County.
  • Grayrocks Reservoir in Platte County.
  • Guernsey Reservoir in Platte County.
  • Harrington Reservoir in Big Horn County.
  • Keyhole Reservoir in Crook County.
  • Kortes Reservoir in Carbon County.
  • Lake DeSmet in Johnson County.
  • Lake Hattie in Albany County.
  • Ocean Lake in Fremont County.
  • Pathfinder Reservoir in Carbon and Natrona counties.
  • Pilot Butte Reservoir in Fremont County.
  • Seminoe Reservoir in Carbon County.
  • Sulphur Creek Reservoir in Uinta County.
  • Wardell Reservoir in Big Horn County.
  • Wheatland Reservoir #1 in Platte County.
  • Wheatland Reservoir #3 in Albany County.
  • Woodruff Reservoir in Uinta County.

Andy Roosa
Green River Game Warden


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