"Andrea, how do I report a sighting of a unique or rare bird or mammal species?  "

Over 800 species of wildlife have been documented in Wyoming. Each observation of any species, but definitely of uncommon or rare species, reported to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is a valuable addition to our knowledge about them. Here are some ways to report what you see:

  • Birds: Game and Fish established the Wyoming Bird Records Committee in 1989 as a way to verify, track and store rare and unusual bird sightings. Directions on how to report rare and unusual bird sightings are on the Game and Fish website, along with information about how to document birds and the other information we need. You can also read the annual report of the all the rare bird sightings!
  • Mammals: Game and Fish collects and maintains reports of rare and unusual mammals through the Mammal Observation Record form.  This form helps Game and Fish keep consistent and accurate records of sightings with a particular emphasis on the appearance of the animal, the habitat in which it was observed and how similar species were ruled out. Contact Nongame Wildlife Program personnel at the Lander Office (307-332-2688) for a mammal observation record form.  
When providing reports of rare and unusual sightings of birds or mammals, it is particularly useful to provide photos whenever possible, even if the quality may be less than perfect.  

Andrea Orabona
Nongame Bird Biologist

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