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Helicopter Fish Stocking

August 10, 2018
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Sheridan - The stocking of fish by helicopter in high country lakes and reservoirs on the eastern side of the Bighorn Mountains took place the morning of Monday, Aug. 6. Stocking by helicopter is done in even-numbered years in remote areas that are not accessible by road or ATV.

The helicopter, owned by Sky Aviation, made five flights and stocked more than 33,000 fish into 22 lakes and reservoirs. The fish were transported to the Circle Park area rendezvous point above Buffalo in specialized trucks from Tensleep, Clark’s Fork, Wigwam and Daniel hatcheries.

For each of the five flights, fish were transferred from the trucks to eight cylindrical tanks that were carried in a sling below the helicopter. Each tank was oxygenated and iced. Ice cools the tank water which reduces the metabolism of the fish, requiring them to use less oxygen.

The helicopter then traveled to each location and hovered low near the water’s surface, releasing the two to four-inch fish at each location. In all, the flights stocked 6,700 tiger trout, 8,620 Yellowstone cutthroat trout, 7,100 splake (a hybrid cross of lake and brook trout) and 8,245 Eagle Lake trout. In addition, 2,650 golden trout, which are stocked every four years, were released into Myrtle, Elephant Head and Frozen Lake #1.

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