Community fisheries stocked

Personnel from Tillett Hatchery, along with Sheridan Region fish biologists, stocked community fisheries on May 17. The Ranchester Pond and Sam Mavrakis Pond each received 385 catchable-sized Eagle Lake rainbow trout and the Sheridan Fairgrounds Pond received approximately 110. 

For several years, students from Tongue River Elementary have met the stocking truck and assisted with releasing fish into Ranchester City Pond. This year, six fourth graders learned about fish stocking, how fish are safely transported and carried buckets of fish to release in the pond. 

Science teacher Meg Maze shared a few questions with the students on what they learned that day.


What was fun about helping? 

Jaya: Releasing the fish was fun so others can catch them!

Julia: It was fun to dump all the fish and see them swim away.

Meghan: Just being able to see the fish and see how G&F get the fish into the water.


What did you learn that was new? 

Hadley: I learned about some of the other places the fish are stocked and live.

Jane: I learned that Game and Fish release fish into the pond.

Maia: I learned the trout can be 8-12” long.

Meghan: I learned rainbow trout are a bit bigger than I imagined.


Did you know that G&F stocks that pond and others? 

Hadley: I did not know anyone stocked that pond or other places.

Jane: No, I just thought they hatched the fish and kept them. I thought fish born in captivity could not be released.

Jaya: No. I thought G&F hatched fish then put them in a pond to make more fish.

Maia: I didn’t know Game and Fish stocked this pond or any other places either!


If you don't already fish, do you want to give it a try now?

Hadley: I’d love to continue fishing. I love catching the fish and letting them go. I like to eat salmon!

Jane: Yes, I’d love to fish now. I think my favorite thing will be going on a boat. That will be fun!

Jaya: I do already fish. My favorite thing about fish is when you catch it, you get to see it flopping around!

Julia: I already fish. My favorite part is holding the fish and reeling it in.

Maia: I loved my first time fishing and I’d like to continue fishing. My favorite thing about fishing is catching them!

Meghan: I already fish. My favorite part of fishing is being able to hold and touch the fish. Then letting it go and watching where it goes to see where more fish are!


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