Safe Passage

April 25, 2019
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Big game are on the move!

Pinedale - This is what conservation looks like. Many of Wyoming's big game species are currently on the move, making their way back to their historic summer ranges after a long winter. Pronghorn, such as these, have been making this seasonal migration between their winter and summer range for thousands of years. This spot, a few miles west of Pinedale, is called Trapper's Point and it happens to be a bottleneck in the animals' migration corridor where several thousand pronghorn and mule deer have to cross Wyoming Highway 191. In the past, unfortunately, hundreds would die in collisions with vehicles each year. This overpass, installed in 2012, was designed specifically for pronghorn since they are accustomed to wide-open spaces and are much more reluctant to use underpasses. Today, these pronghorns are provided safe passage and wildlife-vehicle collisions at Trapper's Point have been reduced by more than 85%. 

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