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Dollar Lake Restoration Planned

August 14, 2018
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A reboot for Dollar Lake

Pinedale - Pinedale fisheries managers are planning to restore the sport fish population in Dollar Lake, which is adjacent to the Green River approximately 35 miles north of Pinedale. The restoration will involve the chemical treatment of the lake, which is planned for the week of August 20-24.The lake will be closed to fishing or any other water-related recreation during that period.
The non-native and invasive white sucker has a history of taking over many fish populations by out-competing other fish. In 2007, Pinedale fish biologists first discovered white suckers in Dollar Lake. Since then, white sucker numbers have grown exponentially to where they now account for 99% of the fish population in the lake. The best means of dealing with sucker populations like the one in Dollar Lake is to completely eradicate them. This involves the application of a fish toxicant, such as rotenone, that will remove all of the fish in a water body. Rotenone has been successfully used by fish managers for decades to remove undesirable fish species in many places. While rotenone is toxic to fish, it is not harmful to humans or other wildlife. Fish that have died from the treatment will not be available for collection.
Once the white sucker population has been removed, the lake will be restocked this fall with catchable rainbow trout that will likely flourish in the competitor-free environment. Tiger trout, a brown trout – brook trout hybrid, will also be introduced into the lake following the removal effort. Tiger trout are known to prey on other fish and will be used to prevent the future establishment of another white sucker population. Rainbow trout that are stocked in Dollar Lake would be too large for most tiger trout to eat.
Given the popularity of suckers as a live baitfish in other parts of the state, it is suspected that the white suckers may have been introduced into Dollar Lake by illegal bait fisherman. Anglers are reminded that the dumping of bait buckets or the intentional translocation of fish is strictly prohibited for this reason.
For more information please contact the Pinedale Regional Office at 307-367-4353.

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