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G&F Senior Fish Culturist Greg Anderson Retires From Daniel Hatchery

September 12, 2019
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Longtime Daniel Hatchery Fish Culturist Greg Anderson Calls it a Career!

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Greg Anderson, long-time Fish Culturist at the Daniel Fish Hatchery is calling it a career after over 34 years dedicated to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. He started at the Ten Sleep Hatchery in September of 1987, made a lateral transfer to the Boulder Rearing Station in 1992 and then was promoted to Senior Fish Culturist at the Daniel Fish Hatchery, and served in that role since 1995. 

Greg has spent the past 25 years managing the state’s brood stock for Colorado River and Bear River cutthroat trout. The Colorado River cutthroat has been petitioned for listing as an endangered species and Greg’s work, in conjunction with the Department’s fish managers, have played a key role in keeping this fish species abundant in Wyoming’s portion of the Colorado River Drainage, and keeping it from being listed.

“I’ve always been very proud to say that I work for the anglers of Wyoming, both residents and non-residents,” said Anderson.

Anderson also has a keen interest in history and has taken it upon himself to gather and record the Department’s rich history of Fish Culture and document its place in the state of Wyoming. “I’ve found it pretty interesting, and feel it’s important to learn where we’ve come from as far as the state’s fish culture program,” said Anderson. “I’ve also enjoyed sharing that history with others, especially some of the newer employees in the hatchery program.”

Throughout his career, Greg has always taken an active role in public outreach in many ways, such as the Department’s Outdoor Expo, the Daniel Hatchery’s recent 100 year anniversary celebration and countless public tours and school programs at the Daniel Hatchery. Anderson has also long-represented the Fish Culture section in the American Fisheries Society.

Anderson is a Lincoln, Nebraska native. He and his wife Gena have two grown children, Ashlee and Chase, who are both starting their own careers, currently in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. Greg and Gena plan to live in Pinedale for the foreseeable future, but will likely be doing some traveling to catch up with family and friends. Greg also plans to spend time in the woods, hoping to get within range of a few turkeys and whitetails.

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