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Discussion about Dickinson Park/Trout Creek Road a success

September 13, 2019
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Lander - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Shoshone & Arapaho Tribal Fish and Game held a joint public meeting on Monday, September 9, to discuss access to the Dickinson Park/Trout Creek Road area. Over fifty people attended to discuss issues as well as the past, current, and future access to the area. 
Tribal Fish and Game Director Art Lawson says, “This was a great meeting and we appreciated the comments from everyone in attendance. It was obvious this has been an issue for many years and the lack of information and consistent messages from the agencies involved only made the situation worse. This was a positive step forward and we hope to continue this type of open communication in the future”.
This meeting followed a recent approval by the Wind River Inter-Tribal Council to allow access through Trout Creek on the Wind River Reservation to the Dickinson Park area for the month of October 2019 with a paid permit of $50.00 per person. Both agencies are currently working on further cooperative efforts for access and enforcement. 
Wyoming Game and Fish Regional Supervisor Jason Hunter says, “We received several comments during the meeting on Monday evening about extending the trespass/access time period and increasing the number of locations the permits could be sold. While we can’t change the trespass/access time period for 2019 we will continue to discuss options for the future. One change we were able to make is the locations the permits will be available for purchase”. 
The Trout Creek access permits will be available starting September 16 at the following locations:

  • Shoshone & Arapaho Fish and Game Office
(directly behind the Hines General Store)
1 Wood Ave.
Fort Washakie
Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-12PM and 1PM-4PM
Phone: 307-332-7207
  • Lander Wyoming Game and Fish Office
260 Buena Vista Dr.
Lander (only available at the Lander WGFD Office)
Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM
Phone: 307-332-2688
  • Wind River Outdoor Company
8114 Hwy 789
Hours: Mon-Sat. 8AM-6PM and Sun. 10AM-4PM
Phone: 307-332-7864
This access permit is good for the month of October. If hunters wish to access the area in September, they are required to purchase a tribal fishing license for each day that they will be crossing the Wind River Reservation. These licenses can be purchased online or at a license-selling agent. Visit to purchase or view the list.

- WGFD -

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