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Motorists: Beware of Goats in Snake River Canyon

December 20, 2019
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Three mountain goats have already be hit and killed this winter in the Snake River Canyon near Alpine.

Jackson - Each winter, mountain goats that inhabit the high cliffs of the Snake River Canyon, make their way down to lower elevations. Some of these goats can be seen near, or even on the roadway at the southern end of the canyon near the town of Alpine. It can be a great wildlife watching opportunity, but unfortunately each year some of these goats end up getting struck by vehicles. So far, at least three have been hit and killed and the winter is just getting started.

Jackson Wildlife Biologist Aly Courtemanch collects a nasal swab sample to learn what kind of pathogens the animal may be carrying. Some pathogens may be lethal to bighorn sheep.

In an effort to prevent these collisions, Wyoming Game and Fish employees will often attempt to haze the goats off the roadway throughout the winter and spring months. Electronic message trailers are also used periodically, but ultimately, it’s up to motorists to slow down and be alert for wildlife through this dangerous stretch of highway 89. 

Below, South Jackson Wildlife Biologist Gary Fralick hazes a group of mountain goats off Wyoming Highway 89 in the Snake River Canyon.

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