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Jackson Office Welcomes Stewart as Wildlife Coordinator

November 17, 2022
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Jackson - The Jackson office of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department welcomes Cheyenne Stewart as the new Wildlife Management Coordinator for the Jackson Region. Stewart had been serving in the same position in the Sheridan Region and is replacing Doug McWhirter who recently retired from the Department. Cheyenne will oversee all Game and Fish Department wildlife biologist activities for the Jackson Region.
Stewart began her career with the Game and Fish Department in 2014 as an Elk Brucellosis GIS Specialist in Pinedale, capturing and marking elk to map their calving areas and seasonal movements to prevent the transmission of brucellosis to livestock. In 2016, Cheyenne began working as a Habitat Biologist also in Pinedale, designing and implementing a variety of landscape-scale wildlife habitat improvement projects in southwestern Wyoming.
In 2017, Stewart was selected to serve as the Wildlife Biologist in Buffalo where she would monitor big game populations, design hunting seasons and provide wildlife considerations on a variety of regional planning and development projects. While in that role, Stewart was also instrumental in launching a new mule deer research project in the southern Bighorn Mountains. In 2019, Stewart was promoted to the Wildlife Management Coordinator position for the Sheridan Region.
Prior to working for the Game and Fish Department, Stewart was involved in an array of wildlife biologist positions including working with arctic wolves on Ellesmere Island, gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park, Sonoran pronghorn and Mexican gray wolves in Arizona, mountain lions in western Colorado and grizzly bears in Alberta Canada.
Stewart earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of Western Australia in 2007. She then earned a Master’s degree from Utah State University in 2013, modeling habitat use of a fringe population of sage grouse near Cedar City, Utah.
Cheyenne is excited to be back working with wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and looks forward to getting acquainted with the Game and Fish Department’s many partners in the Jackson community. Cheyenne will be living and recreating in the Jackson area with her husband Kole and their two young children Isa and Cooper.  

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