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Ice Fishing in Full Swing

February 25, 2020
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Never a bad day fishing!

Jackson - Ice fishing is in full swing right now in the Jackson Region and anglers are reporting good days mixed with some slow days as well. The most popular ice fishing spot in the Jackson Region is Jackson Lake. 
Fish managers note that the slower fishing in February isn’t unusual and catch rates typically improve as winter wears on.

On average, managers like to see a catch rate of .5 fish per hour for ice anglers. Typically, the catch rate will bump up to .75 trout per hour in March, so things should be picking up from here on out.
Anglers will want to pay attention to ice conditions as we move into spring. Ice conditions typically begin to get a little “iffy” in late April.

Chris Colligan of Jackson releases a sizeable lake trout back into Jackson Lake, saying he likes to eat the smaller ones. Photo courtesy of Chris Colligan

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