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G&F Conducts Night Fish Survey on the Salt River

August 07, 2018
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The Jackson fish crew works through the night to get a good population estimate on the Salt River recently.

Jackson - The Jackson fish crew conducted a night electrofishing survey on the Salt River northwest of Afton recently. By sampling at night, fish capture rates are typically much higher, especially in the shallower, flatter waters. On the first night, fish managers sampled from approximately 9:30 pm until 6:30 am and caught over 600 fish in 1.5 river miles. In a similar sampling effort during the day, they would get approximately 300 fish in 3 river miles. The fish population can be estimated by recording the number of marked fish they recapture while sampling the same stretch of water the following two nights, so a good sample size is essential to getting an accurate population estimate. Fish managers would use night electro-fishing more, but it is necessary to have a relatively wide river with flat water in order to do it safely. Fish managers typically calculate fish population estimates later this fall once the field season is over.  

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