AIS check stations open in southwest Wyoming
Following an extended ice-fishing season, shorelines are opening up and it won’t be long before boaters will be able to launch at popular Wyoming reservoirs like Flaming Gorge or Fontenelle. Boaters should prepare now by renewing their watercraft registrations, purchasing AIS decals and being ready to comply with inspection requirements for watercraft. 
Wyoming law requires any watercraft entering the state from March 1 - November 30th each year to be inspected for AIS before launching in Wyoming. Most permanent check stations are open for the season, and hours of operation are available online. If there is not an inspection location on their route of travel, boaters should make other arrangements to be inspected prior to launching on any Wyoming waters, please contact a Game and Fish Office, Certified Inspection Location, or Private Authorized Inspector to arrange a watercraft inspection.
All visible vegetation must be removed from a watercraft/trailer once it leaves the water. Boaters must drain all water from their watercraft prior to leaving the waterbody. All bilge/ballast/live well plugs must be removed from the watercraft while being transported by land in the state.
Recreationists at Flaming Gorge are reminded that curly pondweed and New Zealand mudsnails have been found in the reservoir and extra precautions should be taken in order to prevent the further spread of these aquatic invasive species.

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