A good deed

October 01, 2019
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Cody - Earlier this month, High Plains Power came to the rescue of an osprey entangled in twine, hanging from a platform nest north of Thermopolis.   A landowner initially reported the incident to Thermopolis Game Warden Benge Brown, who reached out to the electric utility company for assistance.

Ramsey Allen with High Plains Power used the bucket of a utility truck to free the bird and hand him off to Brown.  “Special thanks to Ramsey Allen who took the time to help resolve this situation,” Brown said.    “While Allen was in the air, he took the time to clean the rest of the twine out of the nest that the osprey had originally become entangled in, and he did so despite being bombarded by the other osprey defending the nest!”

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of Brown and Allen, the osprey had to be euthanized due to the extent and significance of its injuries.  “Although this was not the outcome we hoped for, it shows the great lengths folks will go to in order to help wildlife,” Brown said. 


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