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Success at Goldeneye Reservoir

June 22, 2018
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Goldeneye Reservoir offers excellent fishing!

Casper - As the 2018 field season got underway, one of the first places that the fisheries management crew sampled was Goldeneye Reservoir.  Short-duration gill-netting, usually under one hour per net, is done early in the year when the ice melts off to avoid the vegetation growth of summer that would otherwise interfere with our ability to catch fish.  In addition to an abundance of very healthy Snake River cutthroat trout and Bear River cutthroat trout upwards of 20 inches, our gill-netting revealed that Goldeneye is harboring some very large rainbow trout; the largest of which was 26.5 inches and 7.9 pounds!  Anglers are catching them as well!

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