Mountain lion captured near Casper

On Monday, June 17, Casper Game and Fish responded to a call that a mountain lion was located just outside of Casper.

When game wardens and biologists arrived on-site, they found a mountain lion under a horse trailer.  They were able to immobilize the lion and later safely release him.

Game and Fish reminds people that there are some things that people can do if they live in mountain lion country.  “Don’t feed any wildlife.  By feeding wildlife on your property, you are attracting wildlife that mountain lions may feed on, like deer or raccoons, “ said Scott Fischer, Casper game warden. “People often forget that pets can be easy prey for a mountain lion as well, so feeding them inside or keeping them in a kennel with a secure top is recommended.”

Other things to keep in mind are keeping the perimeter of your house well lit at night, especially along walkways, to make lions visible and discourage lion activity.  Removing landscaping up against homes also reduces places for an animal to hide.

“While there are things you can do to deter mountain lions, sometimes lions will travel, and they find themselves in areas they didn’t want to be,” states Austin Swingholm, Casper game warden.  “This lion was the perfect example.  It was a juvenile male, likely still transient and finding a place to make a living.  He likely was preying on prairie dogs during the night and was caught in the rural area when the sun came up.  We are grateful to the landowners for the quick response, so we could dart, immobilize, and safely release him back in the high country.”

The mountain lion was released into the Laramie Range in Converse County.

Anyone who encounters a mountain lion can call the Casper Game and Fish office at 307-473-3400.  After hours, you can reach Game and Fish at 1-877-WGFD-TIP or contact the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office at 307-235-9282.


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