Patrol Cabin

May 1 at 6am - Dec 31

Please review the general regulations. No human presence from Jan 1 - May 1 at 6am. Day use only. No overnight camping, open fires or fireworks. No unauthorized use of corrals

Jan 1 - May 1 at 6am

No Collection of shed antlers or horns January 1-May 1 at 6:00 AM

Fishing, Hunting, Trapping, Hiking, Wildlife Viewing


Jackson Regional Office
420 North Cache
Jackson, WY 83001

(307) 733-2321

Commonly Found Species

Big and Trophy Game in this Area
Below are specific Big and Trophy Game species commonly found within this WHMA area.
  • Antelope - 85
  • Deer - 155/156
  • Elk - 81/82
  • Moose - 17/28
  • Mountain Lion - 2
  • Black Bear - 20/29
  • Wolf - 8/9
Fish Species in this Area
Below are specific Fish species commonly found within this WHMA area.
  • Brook Trout
  • Mountain Whitefish
  • Rainbow Trout
  • RBT X CUT Hybrid
  • Snake River Cutthroat
Small game and Birds in this Area
Below are specific Small game species commonly found within this WHMA area.
  • Rabbit
  • Waterfowl
  • Mountain Grouse
The Patrol Cabin Wildlife Habitat Management Area (WHMA) is located 24 miles northeast of Jackson, WY. Vehicular access is available via the Upper Gros Ventre road and sits adjacent to Breakneck Flat - Cottonwood Creek road. The WHMA sits in the Gros Ventre mountain range and hosts an elk feedground along with providing winter range for elk and moose. The 160 acre parcel has vegetative communities that consist mostly of a perennial grassland, mountain shrub, willows and riparian habitat with the Gros Ventre river flowing through the property. The area also provides habitat for Mule deer, Pronghorn, coyotes, and various species of songbirds and raptors. The elk feedground can be visited by oversnow vehicles during winter months. Vehicular travel is restricted to the snowmobile trail for winter game range closures.