Wyoming Junior Duck Stamp artwork on display in Cheyenne

February is a good time to visit the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Cheyenne Headquarters to see the award-winning work of local youth artists. 

2/12/2018 4:21:17 PM

Cheyenne - February is a good time to visit the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Cheyenne Headquarters to see the award-winning work of local youth artists. The 2017 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wyoming Junior Duck Stamp Program’s top-placing entries are on display until Feb. 28, and is one of the last chances to see this work.

Kids from across the state submitted 574 art entries, from kids in kindergarten up to 12th grade. Students were able to include a “conservation message” with their art summarizing what they learned through the program. Isabelle Olsen, 15, of Wright, submitted this year’s winning conservation message:

People say that the future holds great things, but without conservation the future holds nothing.”

Wyoming’s 2017 Best-of-Show artwork was of a king eider drake, titled “Taking Flight” by Hannah Saville, 15, of Powell. Saville’s colored pencil of the king eider drake and Olsen’s conservation message represented Wyoming at the 2017 National Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest, held last April.

Annually, a panel of judges selects the national level Best of Show, which will be used to create the National Junior Duck Stamp. The Junior Duck Stamp is available for $5 from the U.S. Postal Service, Amplex Corporation and from many National Wildlife Refuges, as well as at Proceeds from the sale of the stamps support conservation education and provide awards and scholarships for students, teachers and schools participating in the Junior Duck Stamp Program.

Wyoming’s Junior Duck Stamp Program also awards a “Betty Nelson Artistic Promise Award” to the younger age group, kindergarten through sixth grade, to an artist the judges feel exhibits exemplary artistic promise. This year’s Betty Nelson Artistic Promise Award went to Ryan Cox, 10, of Riverton for a colored pencil and pencil depiction of a wood duck drake.

The Wyoming Junior Duck Stamp Program is sponsored by the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program, Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge and Wyoming Ducks Unlimited and is made possible through support and participation of local teachers, parents and Wyoming students.
The following is a list of artists who placed first, second, and third, as well as the honorable mentions and recognition for creativity from each group for student’s Wyoming Junior Duck Stamp Program artwork:

Group I (grades K-3):

Place First Name Last Name Age  City          
1st Rosemary Shriver 8 Wilson
1st Dune Mecartney 9 Jackson
1st* Julia Krugh 8 Wilson
2nd Riley Meyer 8 Kemmerer
2nd* Danika Draper 8 Kemmerer
2nd* Abel Jimenez 8 Kemmerer
3rd Noah Parks 7 Kemmerer
3rd Jaydyn Nate 9 Cokeville
3rd Harper Maher 8 Wilson
HM Tessa Davis 8 Kemmerer
HM Kimberleigh Goodman 8 Kemmerer
HM Seth Maxwell   Kemmerer
HM Anna Smith 8 Kemmerer
HM Brinley Backman 8 Kemmerer
HM Tucker Erickson   Kemmerer
HM Samantha Viviano 7 Kemmerer
HM Ledger Ellis 8 Kemmerer
HM Taylar Nate 6 Cokeville
HM Whitli Groll 7 Cokeville
HM Beryl Eddy 8 Wilson
HM John Horstmann 8 Wilson
HM Zoe Bosch 9 Wilson
HM Quincy Judd 9 Kelly
HM Lola Mizelle 7 Kelly
HM Adrienne Howard 9 Jackson
Creative Recognition:        
* Anni Hansen 6 Wilson

Group II (grades 4-6):
Place First Name Last Name Age  City
1st Samual Dornan 10 Kelly
1st Casey Loewer 9 Jackson
1st - Betty Nelson Artistic Promise Award Ryan Cox 10 Riverton
2nd* Cecily Ross 11 Wilson
2nd Brynn Abbey 11 Wilson
2nd* Mackenzie Nez 10 Riverton
3rd Beckett Maher 11 Wilson
3rd Georgia Evans 9 Kelly
3rd Sascha Mizelle 10 Kelly
HM Ava Tozzi 11 Wilson
HM Madeline Moore 10 Wilson
HM Tatum Graham 11 Wilson
HM Alex French 11 Wilson
HM Brynn Crabtree 10 Wilson
HM Leo Hillinger 9 Wilson
HM Maddie McNamara 10 Wilson
HM Bradford King 10 Wilson
HM Dylan Zimmerman 11 Kelly
HM Alison Burcham 10 Kelly
HM Maisen Borchardt 11 Moran
HM Aurora Stiles 11 Moran
HM Carter Hatling 9 Pine Haven
HM* Griffin Miller 10 Wilson
HM* Vanessa Jorgensen 9 Wilson
HM* Moriah Joy Heindel 10 Jackson

Group III (grades 7-9):
Place First Name Last Name Age  City         
1st & 2nd Runner Up for BOS Trienna Collicott 15 Powell
1st & 4th Runner Up for BOS Sloane Asay 15 Powell
1st* & Wyoming Best of Show Hannah Saville 15 Powell
2nd Randallin Flores 15 Powell
2nd Sydney Nate 13 Cokeville
2nd* McKenzie Clarkson 15 Powell
3rd Daymon Myers 13 Cokeville
3rd Whytney Murdock 14 Cokeville
3rd Jordan Nate 13 Cokeville
HM Abigail White 14 Powell
HM Sierra Morris   Powell
HM Tyson Jones 16 Powell
HM Aaron Snyder 14 Powell
HM Heather Wittick 15 Powell
HM Lauren Lejeune 15 Powell
HM Marie Ramier 14 Powell
HM Wyatt Murray 15 Powell
HM Karson "Yeti" Luthi 15 Cokeville
HM Janessa Moody 15 Cokeville
HM Kayla Teichert 13 Cokeville
HM Michael Cook 12 Cokeville
HM Dakota Bethers 13 Cokeville
HM Austin Benson 15 Cokeville
HM Demi Harmon 13 Cokeville
HM* Nate Barnes 13 Cokeville
Creative Recognition:        
* Marina Goffaux 16 Powell
* Jasmin Gonzalez 13 Cokeville

Group IV (grades 10-12):
Place First Name Last Name Age  City         
1st Maggie Cruz 15 Powell
1st & 1st Runner Up for Best of Show Kaylee Cornia 16 Cokeville
1st & 3rd Runner Up for BOS Rayven Faxon 17 Powell
BOS Conservation Message Isabelle Olsen 15 Wright
2nd Brooke Tucker 17 Powell
2nd Alley McKinnon 17 Cokeville
2nd Aubrie Stenerson 16 Powell
3rd Rachel Bonander 15 Powell
3rd Yoli Oussanov 17 Cokeville
3rd* Luis Varela 18 Wright
HM Tiffany Bergman 18 Powell
HM Jalie Timmons 15 Powell
HM Jonathan Morrow 17 Powell
HM Alina O'Leary 15 Powell
HM McKenzie Thompson 16 Powell
HM Jacinta Schneider 17 Powell
HM Jaighden Rayment 17 Powell
HM Wesley James Lawson Patrick 16 Powell
HM Brianna Simmons 16 Powell
HM Addison Petrie 17 Powell
HM Britney Bowen 16 Cokeville
HM Lukia Brown 17 Cokeville
HM Cheyenne Reed 18 Cokeville
HM Hanna Helm 17 Cokeville
HM Jacque VanVleet 16 Wright
HM Corban Reade   Wright
Creative Recognition:        
* Joshua Summers 15 Powell
* Trey Donahue 17 Cokeville
* Jakob Harmon 16 Cokeville
* Brianna Wrigley 17 Wright

(Sara DiRienzo (307-777-4540))

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