Planning a road trip? Stop at a hatchery

Along the road to visit Wyoming’s hallmark destinations like the Tetons or Devils Tower, a fish hatchery could add even more memories to a summer getaway.

6/11/2018 11:24:42 AM

Cheyenne - Along the road to visit Wyoming’s hallmark destinations like the Tetons or Devils Tower, a fish hatchery could add even more memories to a summer getaway. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department boasts 10 fish hatcheries and rearing stations across the state, all welcoming visitors year-round. But, summer is a particularly good time to plan a visit to see how Game and Fish raises and stocks more than 5 million fish to waters near you.

“A visit to a hatchery, especially as a child, is one you’ll never forget,” said Guy Campbell, Game and Fish fish culture supervisor. “There are not very many places where you can see fish up close in all stages of their lives.”

Youth who visit four or more hatcheries and submit photos of themselves with the hatchery sign are eligible to complete the Hatchery Hop--part of the Youth Fishing Challenge. Those who submit an approved application will earn a collectable certificate from Game and Fish. More details on the Youth Fishing Challenge are available online.

The ten hatcheries and rearing stations raise a variety of species from cutthroat trout, to kokanee salmon, to splake, and many others to provide quality fishing opportunities in Wyoming’s waters. Hatcheries also raise fish like Yellowstone cutthroat trout and others that are not sportfish to help maintain native populations. And, hatcheries are the key to providing diverse fishing opportunities, not only with what they raise, but also what they trade.

“Occasionally trout produced in our facilities are traded with neighboring states so Game and Fish can stock a variety of fish that we can’t raise in our cold water hatcheries, like bass, catfish, and walleye,” said Campbell.

To plan your visit, Game and Fish hatcheries are open 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., daily. Driving directions and information on species are available on the Game and Fish website. The locations include:

  • Auburn - Auburn Hatchery
  • Boulder - Boulder Fish Rearing Station
  • Clark - Clark's Fork Hatchery
  • Casper - Dan Speas Rearing Station
  • Daniel - Daniel Fish Hatchery
  • Dubois- Dubois Fish Hatchery
  • Story - Story Hatchery
  • Ten Sleep- Ten Sleep Hatchery
  • Tillett - Tillett Springs Rearing Station
  • Ten Sleep - Wigwam Rearing Station

(Sara DiRienzo (307-777-4540))

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