Hunter mentor program increases opportunities to hunt
Fall is a busy time for hunter education courses and seats fill quickly before the majority of big game seasons open. If you are a hunter who was unable to enroll in hunter safety this year, there is a still an opportunity for you to hunt through the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Hunter Mentor Program.

Completion of a hunter education course is a requirement to hunt in Wyoming if you were born after 1966. But, the Hunter Mentor program gives hunters who have been unable to attend a course or a new hunter the opportunity to hunt under the close-guidance of an experienced mentor.

This special program creates opportunities for those potentially interested in hunting to experience a hunt before committing to the hunter education coursework,” said Game and Fish hunter education coordinator Tristanna Bickford. “Many of the mentees enroll in a hunter education class immediately after using the program while a number of others take a hunter education course within a few years of being mentored.”

To qualify as a mentor in the program, the mentor must:
  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Possess a valid hunter education certificate while in the field with the mentee.
  3. Possess a current and valid Wyoming hunting license while in the field with the mentee.
  4. Sign the mentee's special authorization certificate.
  5. Document hunting license type/number on the mentee's special authorization certificate.
  6. Supervise only one (1) hunter mentee at a time in the field (a family member may mentor multiple immediate family members).
  7. Maintain direct supervision (within sight and direct voice contact) of the hunter mentee at all times while in the field.

“Mentors are also responsible for making sure their mentees conduct themselves in a safe, legal, ethical and responsible manner at all times. The mentor is responsible for making sure his or her mentee hunter understands the appropriate hunting regulations, safe hunting practices and ethical considerations during any mentored hunting experience,” said Bickford.

Anyone who plans to hunt in Wyoming can participate, but youth must be at least 12 years of age to hunt big game. Mentors and mentees can enroll in the program online prior to hunting.

More information on the Hunter Mentor Program and upcoming hunter education courses is available on the Game and Fish education website.
Wyoming Game and Fish - 307-777-4540

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