Game and Fish launches new user account for customers

Portal will make finding information easier, more secure

2/4/2021 5:18:32 PM

Cheyenne - Beginning today, anyone who wants to make a purchase or apply for a license from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department will be required to create a username and password. This new way to log-in to the licensing side of the Game and Fish website will increase security for customers and streamline purchases. This is the first of many improvements for the public coming to the Game and Fish website in 2021. 

“We know this new user account feature is a big change for customers and we are here to help make the transition,” said Jennifer Doering, Game and Fish license section manager.

Create a username and password
Everyone from point forward (Feb. 4, 2021) will need to create a username and password before submitting an application or purchase on the Game and Fish website. Each customer will need to create their own user account.

To create an account, customers must have an e-mail address. An email address is important so Game and Fish can help if you forget your username or password. 

The SPID is not your username; customers create a custom username and password. If you have done business with Game and Fish in the past, all of your information will be attached to your new username and password automatically.

Creating a username and password is a simple process much like on other websites. To help, Game and Fish has step by step videos. Step-by-step written instructions are also available. 

Exisisting customers: I have done business with Wyoming Game and Fish Department before

New customers: I have never done business with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

“Anyone who needs extra help can call our telephone information center at (307) 777-4600 and talk to a person who can guide them through this change,” Doering said.

The user account feature comes with some big advantages, too. The account will serve as a dashboard for information specific to the customer. For now, people can easily switch between applying or buying licenses and checking preference points without having to login multiple times. But, the future holds a lot more.

Game and Fish is currently working on a website redesign and recently concluded a robust public survey. Many people who responded said a user account portal would improve their experience visiting the website.

“We know our customers want more access to see their personalized information and we hope this change is the beginning of a more intuitive website,” said Rebekah Fitzgerald, Game and Fish communications director. 

(Game & Fish - (307) 777-4600)

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