Game and Fish Director invites wildlife enthusiasts to Mule Deer Days
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will no longer be holding the Wyoming Outdoor Expo in Casper and will instead shift to localized, regional events. The change will allow Game and Fish employees to engage and connect with constituents at local partnership events. This transition will kick off at the inaugural Mule Deer Days in Rock Springs, March 10-11.

The Mule Deer Days event is a result of a partnership between the Muley Fanatic Foundation and Game and Fish. The two-day event will feature informative seminars and interactive activities as part of the Inspire A Kid initiative. 

“Events such as this allow youth to learn from local wildlife professionals and conservation volunteers who dedicate their lives to Wyoming’s wildlife. Inspiring Wyoming kids to get involved and outdoors will ensure a bright future for conservation,” said Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvik. 

Regional events are intended to support Game and Fish’s strategic plan and overall mission to conserve wildlife and serve people. Game and Fish plans to participate in local events that will help foster local community engagement around wildlife conservation and building relationships with the communities we serve. 

“Our partnerships and communities provide excellent opportunities to interact with our state’s sportsmen and sportswomen and all who enjoy wildlife,” Nesvik said. "I urge everyone who wants to learn more about wildlife alongside those who are charged with managing them to come out to Mule Deer Days.” 

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