Bert and Meg Raynes

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007

Bert  Raynes was  born  in  New Jersey, and his wife,  Meg, was born in  Pennsylvania. The two met while attending Penn State. They vacationed in Jackson Hole in the 1950s and made the decision to move there permanently upon retirement in the 1970s. Bert credits Meg for introducing him to the world of nature. The two of them complement each other's talents and have worked as a team to make significant contributions towards the awareness and conservation of Wyoming's natural resources.

Bert, with  Meg as editor, has written five books, as well as a weekly natural history column for the Jackson Hole Nest for the past 28 years. His books include helpful guides to find and identify birds in the Jackson area such as Birds of Grand Teton National Park and Surrounding Areas, Finding the Birds of Jackson Hole, and Winter Wings. Other books, Valley So Sweet and Curmudgeon Chronicles, focus on area history and include gleanings from his column. They were also the authors of the first valley bird checklist, which continues to be revised and updated every few years.

Meg discovered a historic hunting blind site on the Jackson Hole Elk Refuge that archaeologists acknowledge as Raynes Site 1. Together, Bert and Meg founded the Jackson Hole Bird club in the 1970s that still meets monthly and provides a forum for residents and visitors to exchange information on bird observations. Bert has taught classes at the Teton Science School for many years. Bert and Meg have provided support to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Nongame Bird Program through educating the public and providing records over the years on bird occurrence, distribution, and natural history. In recognition "of the extraordinary contributions to the public's awareness of wildlife and the habitat necessary for its survival," Bert was awarded the prestigious Rungius Medal from the National Museum of Wildlife Art in 1999.

Although Bert is no longer able to lead birding trips, he still answers numerous phone calls and e -mails  requesting information on identification of birds and/or conservation. Meg, in support of their life long partnership, continues to edit and critique Bert's writing.

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