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2022 Landowner of the Year - Lander Region
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Landowners: Bill and Duveene Hamilton

Bill and Duveene Hamilton purchased their first ranch east of Lander in Lyons Valley in 1962. Soon after, they purchased the neighboring Hopkins Ranch and formed the Hopkins Hamilton Ranch Company in 1964. Although the Hopkins family has not been part of the operation for over 50 years, Bill kept the Hopkins name out of respect to the family that gave him an opportunity to pursue his dream. The Hopkins Hamilton Ranch now consists of approximately 5,000 deeded acres. They run cattle in the Government Draw and East Beaver common allotments, utilizing BLM, state and private lands

The ranch, managed by Bill’s son Bryan Hamilton and his wife Jennifer, provides important wildlife habitat that supports deer, antelope, sage-grouse, sauger and a variety of other species. Over the years, the Hamilton’s have been important wildlife conservation partners. They are supportive of the Department and often allow hunting and fishing on their property.

The first sauger work in the Lander region occurred in the Little Popo Agie River on the Hopkins Hamilton Ranch in 2002. This reach of the Little Popo Agie supports one of the highest elevation populations of sauger across their native range and access to the ranch has allowed the Department to collect critical information about sauger distribution, abundance, and genetics.

Bryan has also been an active member of the Popo Agie Conservation District Board of Supervisors. In addition, Bryan has participated in the Healthy River Initiative which is a collaborative effort by agencies and landowners to improve water use efficiencies and stream flows in the Popo Agie watershed.

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