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2017 Landowner of the Year - Sheridan Region
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Landowners: Nathan Lindsey

The Ucross Ranch is located near Clearmont, WY.  Most of the ranch is owned by the Ucross Foundation and portions by Apache Corporation.  The Apache Foundation, a non-profit subsidiary of the Apache Corporation, has leased and managed the Ucross Ranch since 2005 as a model for profitable and sustainable land-use management practices. Nathan Lindsey, Conservation and Stewardship Manager for Apache Foundation ,along with seasonal workers, operate the ranch.

Among the sustainable land-use practices utilized is an approach for grazing where managers use a short duration rotation strategy to maximize the amount of time grasses can grow and build root reserves before being grazed again.  This strategy has reduced bare ground on rangelands from an average of about 50 percent to less than two percent.  Streambank stability along Clear and Piney creeks has also improved greatly, while the sustainable stocking rate for cattle has nearly tripled.
From 2012 to 2016, the Ucross Ranch and the Department worked together on diversions along Piney Creek to make them more hospitable to fish.  An impediment to fish movements was replaced with a ramped structure that functions like a natural riffle, allowing fish to swim upstream, and provides areas where fish can rest.
Congratulations to Nathan Lindsey and the numerous partners the Apache Foundation works with for making the management and conservation efforts of the Ucross Ranch so successful!

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