Coal Creek

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Length: 4.2 miles
Priority Date: 06/27/1996
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How to get there - From Smoot, take highway 89 about 16 miles south to the national forest boundary; then continue on the highway another 3.2 miles and look for a two track road (BLM Road 4216) that takes off to the east (left) just as the paved road turns sharply west. Take the two-track road (that parallels lower Coal Creek) about 4 miles to where the road bends sharply to the right (south). Notice a small tributary coming in from the north (left). This is actually the East Fork of Coal Creek, but if you go up this stream a couple hundred feet, you'll see most of the flow coming in from another stream on the left side (northwest). This is where the Coal Creek instream flow segment begins - and extends on upstream for about 4 miles. 
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