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Turkey numbers remain relatively high throughout the state.


Challenges to hunting turkeys remain securing access to private land, particularly in the Sheridan region and areas near Casper. The Laramie area reports the fewest number of turkeys spotted in the spring. The Black Hills turkey population numbers are seeing an increase bolstered by poult survival. Given improved turkey production and decent over-winter survival, turkey hunters should expect to see even more birds during the fall season, but still not as many as one might recall from the late 2000’s. Turkey populations have noticeably increased over the last three years in the Douglas and Lusk areas, and can provide some good hunting opportunity in the Laramie Range and on private land along cottonwood bottoms in the Cheyenne River drainage.  

The Cody area now offers a general license for fall turkey hunting season in Hunt Area 4, east of the Bighorn River, due to an expanding turkey population. Managers have documented over 1,000 turkeys in the area with some flocks nearing 100 birds. The new fall general season is for the month of November, with an archery season in September, and will provide more opportunity than in the past for hunters to harvest a fall turkey. Shell, Paintrock, Upper and Lower Nowood River drainages have good numbers of turkeys to hunt. Hunters who scout ahead and ask for landowner permission before the season should be able to find a good place to hunt.

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