The following are the current donated licenses available  
  Sportsmen donating their licenses have the option to select whether their license is used by a disabled veteran, a permanently wheelchair bound person, or either if they have no preference. The list below shows the donating preference and availability.  
YearLicense NumberSpeciesAreaDate DonatedType
201515114933843DEERGENERAL07/20/2015Veteran W/Disability
201515114933842DEERGENERAL07/20/2015Veteran W/Disability
201515166138552DOE FAWN ANTELOPE27-707/20/2015Either
201515166144737DOE FAWN ANTELOPE34-607/30/2015Veteran W/Disability
201515166193633ELK123-107/29/2015Veteran W/Disability
201515166185881ELK45-107/28/2015Veteran W/Disability
201515051105261ELKGENERAL07/31/2015Veteran W/Disability
  Nonprofit Organization Affidavit for Donated License Issuance available at (307) 777-4674
For further information please call the Telephone Information Center at (307) 777-4600
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