How to order your plate

Step 1Complete an application

Visit the Wyoming Department of Transportation website to download and print an application.

Step 2Turn in the application

Either mail your completed application to the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT Financial Services, Attn: Wildlife Crossing Donation,5300 Bishop Boulevard,Cheyenne WY 82009) along with a fee of $180 made payable to WYDOT or bring it to your county courthouse to pay in person.

Step 3 Annual payment

To retain eligibility in future years, there is a $50 annual fee in addition to your regular registration fees.


Wildlife plates Sold 

For 2020, Gov. Mark Gordon has challenged Wyoming drivers to put 2,020 Conservation License Plates on the road as part of the Game and Fish Wildlife Crossing initiative. See the total that have been sold. Buy a conservation plate today to help Wyoming meet the governor's challenge.


Annually, there are an average of 6,000 vehicle collisions with big game in Wyoming, resulting in $20-23 million in wildlife costs and $24-29 million in personal injury costs. Game and Fish, as well as the Wyoming Department of Transportation and various wildlife and community groups, are working to reduce those numbers to keep wildlife and drivers on the go.

Where your money goes
Purchases of Wildlife Conservation License Plates help pay for a variety of projects that help make wildlife and motorists safer on Wyoming roads.

  • Highway underpasses and overpasses, coupled with fencing, can reduce crashes by 80-90 percent and ensure animals can safely cross roads to get to seasonal ranges.
  • Signage can make drivers aware of areas where wildlife are more likely to try and cross the road or encourage motorists to slow down in these areas.
  • Proper fencing can help lead wildlife into a safer stretch of road or onto underpasses and overpasses where they will avoid traffic altogether.
  • Mowing will make wildlife on the side of the road more visible to drivers.


Partners helping with Wildlife Crossing

"Wyoming's wildlife is one of our state's most treasured resources. I'm challenging Wyoming drivers to put 2,020 Conservation License Plates on the road in 2020. This speciality license plate is one way you can make a difference and support projects that prevent wildlife-vehicle collisions."
--Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon